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Company info

Enhance the overall success of your small to medium-sized business by implementing the right technology to meet your current and future IT needs by partnering with AlphaScan, a nationally renowned IT consulting company.

Who We Are

AlphaScan is an IT services company with more than a decade of experience. Our IT consulting company prides itself on being the best IT services provider, regardless of your company's size. AlphaScan believes that your business deserves to have access to the same technology tools that FTSE companies use. When you outsource your IT services needs with AlphaScan, you form a partnership with a company that has the skills and knowledge to guide your company in choosing and implementing the best IT solutions to help your business succeed. With AlphaScan, your small to medium-sized business can enjoy the same technology solutions as FTSE companies without breaking the bank.

IT to Meet Your Business' Needs

AlphaScan knows how technology can help or hinder your business' overall success. As an IT consulting services provider for more than a decade, AlphaScan has the education, training, and real world knowledge to help your company choose the best technology to support your business goals. AlphaScan has extensive experience in the following technologies which are the framework for any successful IT environment.

Operating Systems

Operating Systems manage the IT hardware and applications that your business depends on. IT consulting companies such as AlphaScan can help you choose the best operating systems to meet your business needs.

  • Server operating systems are designed to provide services to other computers and network devices within your business.
  • Desktop operating systems are designed to run applications for end users.

IT Security

IT Security is the umbrella term for layered protection that protects your IT environment from internal and external threats. AlphaScan, an IT support company, has the experience to help your company create and implement an IT security plan to protect your company's IT environment, intellectual and financial assets.

  • Policies are written rules that are created to guide the behavior of your staff when they use your company's IT environment. AlphaScan is an experienced IT outsourcing provider with extensive knowledge of how to craft the best policy to protect your business without interfering with productivity.
  • Risk assessments are performed by IT services providers to assess all of your company's potential IT risks. AlphaScan has performed countless assessments to help clients identify potential areas of risk and then guided them in the choosing the best spending strategies to maximise limited IT budgets.
  • Defense in depth planning is the comprehensive IT security plan that an IT consulting company will customise to meet your business' needs. AlphaScan has years of experience creating in depth security plans that protect your IT environment.

Business Applications

Business Applications are software programs that will improve your business' productivity. IT support companies can help you choose the best applications for your vertical market. AlphaScan has extensive knowledge and partnerships with application vendors to give you the information you need to select the best applications for your business.

  • Server applications are designed to distribute data to workstations through applications or a web interface.
  • Workstation applications are applications that users access on individual workstations.


Virtualisation lets you stretch your IT budget by creating non-physical copies of applications, workstations, and servers on existing machines. AlphaScan, an IT consulting services firm, is very familiar with virtualisation and can help you choose the best virtualisation solutions to meet your company's unique IT needs.

  • Server virtualisation allows multiple servers to be installed on one or more existing machines.
  • Desktop virtualisation removes the need for a CPU at each computer station.
  • Application virtualisation separates individual software applications from the operating systems of workstations.

Cloud computing

Cloud computing is a newer "on-demand" IT service that lets you lease or rent IT resources that you need without the commitment of ownership.

  • Types of cloud computing are numerous and the best IT support companies are familiar with the many solutions. AlphaScan has the experience to help you learn about the different solutions.
  • Benefits of cloud computing are quickly realised once your company understands how cloud computing can help. AlphaScan, one of the only IT consulting companies with a national presence, can help your company realise the benefits of adopting cloud computing as part of your IT strategy.
  • Choosing the best solution is easy once you've decided to adopt cloud computing. The best IT outsourcing companies can help your business select the appropriate model to fit your business needs.