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A key driving force behind any IT investment is the need for flexible, secure, fast, and agile delivery of the users' applications. With an increased IT infrastructure complexity and a growing demand for transparent mobile access, providing application access can easily become a costly nightmare for any organization.


With solutions such as Citrix's XenApp or Microsoft's Terminal Services, delivery and management of an organisation's applications is handled by central server farms through specialised delivery protocols. This can dramatically simplify security and support while driving down the costs. More than 100 million users world-wide are currently using this delivery model, which has become the dominating platform for application virtualisation.


Over the past five years technologies for application streaming have entered the market. Only specific parts of a computer program need to be available at any instance for the end user to perform a particular function. This means that a program does not need to be fully installed on a client computer, but parts of it can be delivered over a low bandwidth network as and when it is required. Application streaming is usually combined with application virtualisation, so that applications are not installed in the traditional sense. Applications can be streamed to an end-point device like a laptop and be available to the user even when the laptop is not connected to the network. XenApp from Citrix, ThinApp from VMware, and SoftGrid from Microsoft are three of the leading technologies that make application streaming a reality.


Let's discuss how virtualisation could become your most competitive business advantage. Virtualisation is no longer a technology for technology's sake, but technology for business' sake.


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