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If your organisation hasn't yet implemented any virtualisation technologies, it soon will. Today close to 25% of all servers shipped world-wide are virtualised. However, in addition to servers, desktops, applications, and storage can be virtualised.

Server Virtualisation

Traditional physical Windows-based servers only utilise 5-10% of the underlying hardware capacity and virtualising them typically allows for consolidation rates of 10:1. That means that one of today's servers can power up to 10 virtual servers. This allows for tremendous cost savings in terms of consolidating server sprawl and and reducing space needed and power consumed and cooling needed. Furthermore, the ability to manually or automatically move virtual servers around allows for a completely new level of business continuity and disaster recovery.

  • Reduced hardware costs
  • Less space needed
  • Reduced energy used
  • More flexibility and server setup and disaster recovery
  • Less hardware and software to maintain

Desktop Virtualisation

90-95% of your PC resources sit idle at any given time. Desktop virtualisation allows you to separate the desktop operating system and all applications from your desktop computer which can reduce the cost of your PC ownership by 40%. All computing processes take place at the server level which is completely transparent to the user, but allows your users to access their needed files and applications across any connection and from any device-even mobile phones.

  • Reduced PC desktop costs
  • Reduced energy needed
  • Great control of data and applications
  • Reduced maintenance costs

Application Virtualisation

Application virtualisation allows for greater efficiencies by detaching the application from the operating system. This allows for much greater compatibility, manageability and portability of the applications themselves. Applications take up tremendous amount of bandwidth and space on your desktops, but application virtualisation allows for programs to be streamed on demand so that applications are not needed to be installed on the host as traditionally done.

  • Dramatically improve security and support
  • Less maintenance and upgrade time
  • Less hardware power consumption and strain

AlphaScan's Vast Virtualisation Experience

We know from our more than 2,000 clients that your business world is spinning faster than ever. To remain competitive in your market, technology cannot stand in the way of business agility. IT must serve as an enabling and accelerating force for change. When your market and your competitors change, you have to be able to change faster.


Furthermore, IT ownership cost is weighing down most organisations, and these costs ultimately have to be passed on to your customers. Without a cost-effective IT environment your internal cost structure will seriously harm your competitiveness in the market.


Let's discuss how virtualisation could become your most competitive business advantage. Virtualisation is no longer a technology for technology's sake, but a technology for business' sake. If you want a company that has vast experience with key virtualisation technologies and their business benefits, contact AlphaScan at (023) 8025 3008 today. We can partner with you every step of the way from the early phase of a technical & business analysis and assessments through to a proof of concept, pilot deployments production roll-outs, and training and support.