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What are the Benefits of VMware?

AlphaScan has been providing VMware solutions to hundreds of satisfied clients for years. VMware solutions have saved our clients thousands of pounds in hardware and energy cost savings, decreased space needed for servers while reducing their carbon footprint. Here are some of the benefits your company will realise when bringing in a VMware solution.

  • .You only need a single server to use VMware and to virtualise your IT environment. You can literally create 10 virtual servers on one server. So there's no large upfront cost.
  • It's cheaper to have several virtualised machines residing on one physical machine than it is to purchase multiple machines.
  • Server room size requirements can be decreased saving you time and money retrofitting your office space to accommodate a larger server room.
  • Save money on electricity required to power the multiple machines as well as save on your server room cooling bills.
  • Workstation and server maintenance and upgrades, as well as machine replacement are cheaper when you only have to worry about one physical workstation or server.
  • Less hardware to babysit means less software to upgrade.


Reduced hardware needs is one of the biggest benefits of VMware. Because there is less hardware needed, businesses can cut their IT budgets significantly. This advantage of server virtualisation makes it perfect for small to medium-sized businesses that require less computing resources, and even for medium-sized businesses that want to optimise what they currently have. Additionally, space requirements are lessened when the number of physical servers is reduced. Server virtualisation results in a streamlined datacenter which needs little cooling, as well as low electrical and maintenance costs.


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